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Answering The Question, ‘How Do You Help People Too Poor For Microloans?’ - Forbes.com

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Devin Thorpe of Forbes asked our CEO, Kate Cochran, how Upaya helps people too poor for microloans. The answer? Stable, dignified jobs. Read the full article here!

Why the Impact First vs Finance First Debate in Impact Investing Shouldn’t Be a Debate

Why the Impact First vs Finance First Debate in Impact Investing Shouldn’t Be a Debate

More of our fellow impact investors are proudly pronouncing that they are deploying their capital to have impact and that their financial goals are more modest. These “impact first” investors are moving out of the defensive crouch that seemed to characterize this approach in the early years of the industry.

Upaya Joins Grassroots Business Fund, Lumana at SOCAP13

Bringing the exploration of the Pioneer Gap to one of the nation's largest social enterprise gatherings, Upaya Board Chair Kate Cochran presented alongside Grassroots Business Fund COO Robert Webster and Lumana Village Ventures co-founder Sammie Rayner at the Social Capital Markets 2013 (SOCAP13) conference in San Francisco. 

Moderated by NextBillion.net Managing Editor Scott Anderson, the panel explored the challenges impact investors face in supporting entrepreneurs in the startup phase and how different organizations  - Upaya included - have developed creative models for filling the void.


(L to R) Scott Anderson, Kate Cochran, Robert Webster, and Sammie Rayner discuss enterprise support in the Pioneer Gap at SOCAP13.

"It is exciting to see how much interest there is in nurturing early stage social enterprises, as well as the acknowledgement that this stage of investment is best served by philanthropic capital--from foundations, the public sector, and individuals," said Cochran. "Although our panel included people working at different points in the continuum--some providing returns and some not--we all agreed that priming the pump with "public good" money is the best way to build a thriving ecosystem for impact investing," she said.


The SOCAP13 audience posed questions to the panelists about the opportunities and challenges of supporting early-stage businesses.