Sanju, Rickshaw Driver

Sanju's life was transformed when she got her first job as a rickshaw driver through SMV Green. Prior to starting this job, Sanju was afraid to leave her home. She feared for her family's future and she couldn't afford her daughter's education. 

Sanju completed her high school education, but without many job opportunities for the women in her community, she remained in her home, unable to convert her education into a livelihood. Unable to earn her own living and contribute to her family's income.

Today, Sanju is supporting her family and putting her daughter through school with the income she makes as a rickshaw driver. This reliable income from a dignified job is even allowing Sanju to put money into savings. By the end of her first year working with SMV Green, Sanju will own her own rickshaw, and her family will be able to save even more for future needs. 

Watch the video below to hear more of Sanju's story!