zoofresh has created 107 jobs

Upaya Partner since 2019

ZooFresh Foods is a social enterprise based in Odisha, India that connects smallholder farmers with under-served markets to eliminate waste, increase farmer incomes, and enhance consumer access to local meats. ZooFresh leverages innovative supply chain technologies and retail platforms to create an integrated distribution model and enhance the local meat and fish industry in eastern India.

ZooFresh Foods was founded in 2016 by co-founders Sadananda Satapathy and Ambika Satapathy with the goal of combating the malnutrition and high unemployment rates prevalent in Western Odisha. ZooFresh sources high-quality products directly from small-scale farmers who, due to their small volumes and distance from large retail centers, are often disconnected from the market. By transporting live chicken and fish to rural retail hubs, ZooFresh provides rural consumers access to fresh, healthy food.