This company HAs Created 1,911 Jobs

Partner since August 2015

Saahas collects and processes waste from corporate offices, residential apartments, manufacturing facilities, schools, hotels and hospitals across Bangalore and Chennai.  The company employs former “rag pickers” - ultra poor women who previously worked in hazardous conditions scavenging through landfills and other trash dump sites for any items that could be sold to scrap merchants.

Saahas instead provides each employee with a reliable salary, healthcare, pension, insurance benefits, and opportunity to build new skills and knowledge. The company emphasizes a safe and dignified work environment with adequate protective gear and training for hygienic waste handling practices.

Upaya has joined with the Indian Angel Network and Open Road Alliance to support Saahas. In the next five years, the company expects to manage close to 80 tons of waste per day and 30,000 tons per year.