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Elrhino produces and sells handcrafted luxury paper, stationery products, and packaging materials made from recycled rhinoceros and elephant dung. The company manages the entire dung paper production chain including collection, preparation, processing, and sale of finished dung paper goods. It is led by Nisha Bora, a young Assam native who is building on the work begun by her parents over a decade ago to create new livelihoods and increase the value of rhinoceros and elephants to local villagers.

Elrhino sees opportunities to create jobs for and build the skills of people - primarily women - in the rural areas around Guwahati. With its current infrastructure, Elrhino has the capacity to produce 15 tonnes of paper per year, which at capacity will equate to approximately 100 full-time jobs in paper processing and an additional 500 part-time jobs through a combination of resource collection and value-add production.



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