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Upaya's Dignity Circle

When you join the Dignity Circle with a gift of $500, you create a dignified job for a person in extreme poverty. That job provides reliable income for the poorest of the poor, so a hardworking mother can pay for her child's education, a young man can help cover the cost of his mother's medical expenses, and a family can save for their future. The job you create will provide a ladder out extreme poverty!

When you give a gift of $500 or more today, you’ll become a member of our Dignity Circle, a group of our closest, most generous donors who together are creating jobs – and building dignity – through our next accelerator program focused on agribusiness.


How will MY Dignity circle Funds CREATE JOBS?

Every $500 creates one lasting, dignified job for a person in extreme poverty. Upaya uses donations to support and invest in small businesses that employ the poorest of the poor.

The donations received through the Dignity Circle will be used to build and manage our upcoming Agribusiness Accelerator Program, supporting 10 - 12 early-stage enterprises that have the potential to create thousands of jobs for poor farmers throughout India. 

What WILL I RECEIVE AS A Dignity Circle Member?

Upaya is driven by the impact we have on the lives of the poor. We strive to share our findings and celebrate our progress with the supporters whose contributions make our work possible. 

As a member of the Agribusiness Dignity Circle, you will receive exclusive news and updates throughout the agribusiness accelerator, including insider details on the cohort's progress and special updates as we track the impact of the investments coming out of the program.

You'll be the first to read the stories of the jobholder we meet in the field and see the transformation a job can create.

Members also receive invitations to exclusive Dignity Circle events throughout the year, such as  social events and virtual meet-and-greets with our entrepreneur partners in India.

How can I get more involved?

If you have relevant experience and the desire to help us build and accelerate early-stage enterprises to create jobs for the poorest of the poor, we would love to involve you in our work. Please contact Kate Cochran at kcochran@upayasv.org for more details on how you can help enhance the agribusiness accelerator program.