Entrepreneurs Helping Entrepreneurs: IAWW

Stories of Resilience

This year, Upaya is celebrating the resilience our partner entrepreneurs exhibit as they build and expand their businesses, and the resilience their jobholders gain as a result of their stable, dignified jobs.

It's good to remember that we all have to weather some storms to be successful. In this spirit, we asked some of our Upaya sponsors to share their stories of resilience in our series, “Entrepreneurs Helping Entrepreneurs.”

The India Association of Western Washington – Upaya Gala Sponsor

The India Association of Western Washington has focused for more than three decades on providing and advocating for innovative, effective and efficient community-based services.

While its origins lay in programmatic work, the explosive rise in numbers within the Indian-American community in WA state demanded that IAWW evolve into a services-based organization that addresses the myriad needs of its members through programming focused on wellness, mentoring for youth and women, early childhood intervention, alleviating isolation in its elders, civic engagement as well as relevant community conversations. IAWW has come a long way since its inception, with navigation and resource referral services available today to address legal, housing, employment, healthcare and other needs of our community. Most importantly, IAWW's Community, Seniors and Youth programs offer the ability to engage and connect within a secular environment, sans judgement and embracing diversity in all its forms.

Few organizations can claim a strong 30+-year track record of community service. Ask any of its leaders or members, and they will say that the key to IAWW’s resilience and staying power is its ability to constantly adapt and evolve to meet the needs of the growing Indian diaspora. The organization was even recently awarded a grant from the Seattle Foundation’s Resilience Fund!


IAWW’s impact over these 30 years includes heartwarming success stories. These include stories of seniors that found lifelong friendships at our meetups, women who enhanced their personal and professional selves during times of need and even crises to come out stronger and financially independent, and youth who navigated the critical years of identity formation, emerging more confident with strong peer relationships.

IAWW has been gifted with leaders who stand for its mission, "to connect, serve and empower the community." Armed with humility, resolve, and a willingness to learn, they find creative ways to help IAWW’s members build strength for themselves. Today, IAWW is a well-respected entity in WA state, with strong partnerships with policymakers as well as partner non-profits that share its desire to make a positive impact.

IAWW has been a proud sponsor of the Upaya Social Ventures Annual Gala since its inception. Come to the Upaya Gala on March 1, 2019 to hear more about this partnership and meet the inspiring IAWW community leaders!