Anant Learning HAs Created 2,917 Jobs

Partner since March 2015


Anant Learning is a private company that is working to ensure young people from poor communities have the training and access needed to secure stable employment with credible employers.

Anant has developed a two track model for improving labor markets for young people. First, the company provides placement and post-placement services through its platform to youth in both urban and rural communities across India. Second, Anant consults with private and public sector employers to assess the effectiveness of their skill development programs through skills assessments and post-placement tracking. 

The company is more than a marketplace - it is a platform for ensuring that the growth of the skill development and placement sector is informed by transparent, reliable, and valuable data about the capabilities of young employees and the needs of local employers. By harnessing technology along with a geographically diverse network of trainers and assessors, the company is able to remove the inefficiencies from the system.