Upaya's LiftUP Project


The Life-changing Interventions for the Ultra Poor (LiftUP) Project is a 24-36 month accelerator program that provides early-stage entrepreneurs with business development support and financial resources to launch and scale their businesses.

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Seed Funding

In the early stages of the selection process, the Upaya team works with high-potential LiftUP Project candidates to more fully develop their business concept. This also involves a small financial commitment by Upaya ($10,000 or less) to help candidates put more structure around their ideas.

Once a LiftUP Project candidate is selected for full partnership, Upaya will make an equity investment between $10,000 to $75,000, comprising a minority stake in the new business. Given the early stage and vulnerable populations targeted, investments are constructed to cover a 3-8 year timeline. This period will also coincide with an intensive technical advisory engagement with Upaya, positioning the business for further scale and follow-on investment.

Business Development Support

Upaya draws on its full portfolio of technical expertise to provide early stage entrepreneurs with the guidance and network connections necessary for their launch and growth. Within that services portfolio, the Upaya team has identified those activities that are most critical for start-up ventures, and structures LiftUP Project engagements accordingly.


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